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Market Analysis for Healthcare Consultancy

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Congruity conducted in-depth interviews with emerging market healthcare experts, and delved into foreign-language data resources to inform a management consultancy's recommendation to their Fortune 500 healthcare client

Client's Challenge

A management consultancy specializing in Life Sciences was contracted to advise a strategic investor on the clinical healthcare market’s potential in Ukraine and Russia.

They needed an expert to bring them up to speed on the local markets quickly, and to navigate market due diligence in the oft-murky post-Soviet space.

Congruity's Approach

Congruity leveraged its multilingual capabilities and global network to perform qualitative and quantitative research using primary and secondary sources.

We conducted in-depth interviews with C-suite executives at private clinics in the region, and with analysts from the local offices of global private equity investors. We then overlaid insights from these interviews on quantitative data from secondary sources, in order to paint a holistic picture of the opaque marketplace in these countries.

Our Results

Congruity delivered a comprehensive report outlining the regulatory, commercial and competitive environment in each country’s private healthcare market, including calculations of average physician salaries at both state and private clinics in each country.

This involved important documentation of the gap between official and unofficial salaries among government-employed physicians, as the cost of talent is a major factor when considering the feasibility of entering this market with a private clinic.

Our output was used to support the consultancy’s recommendation to their client.

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