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What our clients say

Amy Baxter MD
Founder + CEO

Pain Care Labs

As a growing startup, we’re regularly approached by potential investors and acquirers. After one inquiry, we decided we'd better have an up-to-date valuation. Congruity worked with us to determine market comps, trajectories and industry growth expectations to reach a competitive valuation for our company.

Congruity really went the extra mile to ensure accuracy, and even interviewed our team to get the full story behind our growth to date. With our emerging partnership and product opportunities, they developed comprehensive financial projections and a solid valuation for our business.

Knowing what we were actually worth led to a change in strategy, and jump-started conversations we wouldn't have had before. They have greatly helped to move our company forward. Highly recommend.

Irina Tanenbaum

Sequence Ventures

We’re a happy repeat client! Congruity provides our home office with comprehensive due diligence, valuation and investment memos for opportunities ranging from Series A investments to strategic acquisitions and M&A.

They also conduct primary research like surveys and interviews with operators, customers and previous investors, to gain the full picture behind the projections.

Their models are clean and intuitive, and their writing is succinct and insightful. Highly recommended to any private investors, or founders looking to raise capital.

Jay Kristopher Huddy

Founder + CEO

ReplayAR is a bootstrapped startup, so it was important that we fund the initial build of our app with a mix of cash and equity. To do that, we needed to determine how much to issue our dev partners by doing a 409a valuation.


We engaged Congruity, which developed a comprehensive financial model, including monetization strategy, valuation and cap tables. Congruity’s deliverables impressed our dev partners’ founders and legal team, and they agreed to accept equity in ReplayAR as part of their compensation.


We now have a successful app with over 30,000 installs and counting, and a 4.9 rating on the App Store. We also used the deliverables Congruity provided to secure meetings with investors, and ended up taking on Michael from Congruity as an advisor to help navigate these financial conversations.


I’d strongly recommend Congruity to any founders looking to find the business case for their creation, or to craft a narrative for investors.